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Tiger Volunteer Says No Drugs
Apr 23, 2013
  This is a bonus video for all those people who think the tigers are being mistreated in the Tiger Kingdom. I am not 100% sure the tigers are not drugged, but I am pretty sure they aren't. I've been there twice and both times I looked [...]
Touring Rio
Apr 03, 2013
There is an endless amount of things you could do in Rio de Janeiro alone. They have the largest urban forest in the world, they have so many food options, they have some crazy tourist spots, and the beaches! But here are some links to the things I [...]
Coco the Cat Dog
Jan 26, 2013
Coco IS the cat dog. Coco has blown my mind and made me believe that I could have a well trained cat one day! T^T One of my favourite things about travelling is expanding my mind and experiencing things that rock the very foundation of what I [...]
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