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Bboy Birthday: Jeffs 30th


Jeff's (Sonz 1) 30th birthday! 

I was truly honored when Charity (Jeff's wife) asked me to take some pictures at Jeff's 30th surprise bday party. Jeff and Charity, members of the Supernaturalz Crew, are one of the coolest and cutest couples I have ever met on this whole planet. They're both youthful and good looking, even after having children. They have a great outlook on life and are passionate in what they do. They truly make me believe in marriage and love a little more, kind of like how Disney movies used to make me feel. 

Jeff is an inspiration. He's a graffiti artist bboy who travels and studied in the seminary. A member of the Supernaturalz Crew and a man of faith. I really enjoyed meeting other people in his life. This was also the very first video I ever tried making! Good times all around :) 
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00