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Foot Clan Throwdown


Halloween 2011! How are we going to beat it this year!?

I'm a big fan of Halloween. For one, I'm a huge Otaku (google it) and I secretly (not so secretly) always want to cosplay (look this term up too). Another reason why I like Halloween is that I like a general sense of anonymity from time to time. It's an excuse to have fun like you normally wouldn't and try new things. It's a time to party and see women in things they wouldn't dress in as well. If you're a girl, it's your time to wear those things some of you secretly actually want to, with less judgement.  These costumes were so good, we got featured on College Humor as the 20th best Halloween costume of 2011!

For my Halloween party partners I am fortunate enough to have the Supernaturalz and company. The Supernatz are a bboy crew based in Toronto, Canada. They are some of the best dancers I've ever seen in the world AND they know how to have a good time. This is a video of a group of us dressing up like the Footclan for 2011. I really hope we can beat it this year... But I have no idea how. I think we've given up in a way. 

In 2009, we went to the Liberty Grand and partied with thousands of ghouls and ghosts. At the time Batman was popular so I went to goodwill and bought the materials to dress up like the joker. I bought a couple suit jackets, some dress shirts, a perfect purple tie, dress shoes, pants and all this cost me about $25. Goodwill has sales near Halloween so it was 50% off day.  I wanted to make the costume complete so I got makeup, fake scar stuff and amazing socks. The socks were the most expensive part of the costume.. It was a great costume but girls stayed away from me... I think they were jealous of my make up.

In 2010, I remember going to a Halloween Rave with these guys dressed up like Winnie the Poo and my lord I figured out the magic formula. If you want to get close to the opposite sex, dress CUTE not SCARY. hahah. I literally got triple figure hugs and one of the best moments of the night was my dance battle with another Winnie in the middle of the dance floor. (another amazing moment was when my friend who dressed up like Mr. Fuju found someone dressed up like Super Dave... epic...)

What the hell are we going to do this year! :D

Watch the video till the end! I fractured my collarbone and my face was bleeding because of a little fall! 

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00