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My Level Up Indiegogo Fundraiser!


This is my fundraiser! Please CLICK HERE FOR THE FUNDRAISING PAGE. I will love you long time.

Here's the description I made for the indie page: 


I'm Phil, I'm getting old, and I live in my parents' basement. But, I'm also a 
Dreamer. All my life I've been wanting to go on an ADVENTURE. A REAL Adventure: Martial arts, Marathons, and Festivals! Now, I'm doing it. But there are a few reasons why I want to document it:
  • People always tell me they would love to do things (lose weight, travel, write a book), but they can't for some reason. I want to show them what's stopping them and how to overcome.
  • I've met some amazing and inspirational individuals and I want them to share their advice with you.
  • People always tell me that I'm lucky when I travel. I want to show them it's not just luck. It takes sacrifices to do something you want.
  • When someone goes for their dreams, it makes me super happy.
  • And, I just want to share the world I see with you all. It's a pretty amazing place.

I am a nerdy, anime watching video game nerd. yes. I said nerd twice. I am not naturally athletic at all. I want to show everyone that I can do this adventure. I can run a marathon. I can fight people around the world. If I can do it, it will hopefully inspire some other people to go for their dreams as well.

"The world is a book, and those who don't travel read only a page." -Saint Augustine of Hippo

But like... my book has pictures.


First, the things I can provide for helping me produce my documentary:

  • Credits on the Website and on the Movie
  • Postcards from around the World
  • Digital Downloads of the Movie
  • DVDs of the Movie
  • A custom USB filled with High Resolution Photos and Videos
  • A Photo Book
  • A Video Collection of the Exercises and Techniques I learn around the World
  • A Zombie Apocalypse Exercise Video
  • Advertising, Branding, My Eternal Gratitude. 
  • Two videos a week (on average), for a YEAR+! on the Website.
  • Entertainment!

Now, where the money goes. Please keep in mind that this Budget is for more than a year:

  • Flights ~ $10000 
  • Misc Transportation ~$1000 (bus, taxi, boat, etc.)
  • Housing ~ $18000
  • Food ~ $5000
  • Gyms ~ $2000
  • Marathons ~ $10000 (excl. flights)
  • Festivals ~ $1500
  • Tourist Visas ~ $600
  • Camera Gear/Rental ~ $2000 (I've already purchased most of my gear)
  • Laptop and Software ~ $3000 
  • Hard Drives & Cloud Storage ~ $600
  • Website Stuff and Sound Effects ~ $300

Plus: phones, internet, medications, vaccinations, travel insurance, post production, sending/producing perks ($$$), indiegogo platform costs, and Murphy's Law. 

GRAND TOTAL: WAY OVER $55,000. This is a VERY conservative estimate!


You contribution will go directly into producing material for the website and the documentary. It will allow me to share the unique adventures I find around the world, and document the experience. For example, Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and doing the marathon after will cost me around $5000 (incl. flights). I want to share how to make this experience as cheap as possible, and I want to show you what I go through to get there. Not to mention how I feel after. 

Without funding, I will have to cut back on inspirational adventures, showcasing unique foods, and gym fees. Basically, I will have to cut back on the material of the film.

Your money will not be abused to just have fun. I will be eating primarily peanut butter and tears. The majority of every day is spent writing, editing, uploading, and thinking of the next thing I can film for the movie. 


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