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Tiger Volunteer Says No Drugs



This is a bonus video for all those people who think the tigers are being mistreated in the Tiger Kingdom. I am not 100% sure the tigers are not drugged, but I am pretty sure they aren't. I've been there twice and both times I looked at a tiger and thought, "damn, that tiger is stoned." Then it would get up and chase something. Then fall asleep again. 

They're act like my cat. Sometimes, usually at night, my cat would be running around the place and trying to get me to chase her. During the day, I could roll her around and spin her in circles if I wanted, she wouldn't wake up. She just trusted me and was used to me, so she didn't care. 

That's how I see these tigers now. Big spoiled cats. 

Watch the interview and hear what Bruce has to say. He's been in and out of there for 3 years as a volunteer. It'd take a lot of organization and effort to hide drugging from the constant stream of volunteers they get. In fact, if you're still protesting and screaming about mistreatment, why don't you volunteer there for a month and go all Sherlock Holmes on them. I'm sure they'd welcome you with open arms.

The volunteers I talked to in the past said the same thing as this man here. No drugs. No way. No possibility. And the other ones I talked to were veterinarians. 

So that's my rant! Believe what you want! Enjoy!

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00