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Touring Rio


There is an endless amount of things you could do in Rio de Janeiro alone. They have the largest urban forest in the world, they have so many food options, they have some crazy tourist spots, and the beaches! But here are some links to the things I talked about in the videos.

First up is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian. It's cool to check out, but I wouldn't plan around it. Just plan on seeing it when you check out Lapa.

Next up are the Escadaria Selarón. This beautiful display of tiles was honestly one of the coolest things I saw in Rio. It's right next to the Lapa arches and on the way to the next sight, but honestly, check them out as soon as possible. Selarón recently passed away and I don't see these being maintained well... 

Keep walking up the hill after Escadaria and you'll get to Santa Teresa. It was pretty and there were many cafes, art galleries, and mansions. The tram is offline since people were killed in an accident... but that shouldn't stop you from going to the area. It's hip and trendy, which isn't exactly my cup of tea, since I'm awkward and nerdy. But I went and pretended anyway!

On the west side you get to the Botanical Gardens. The plants were beautiful. It really made me wish I wasn't there with a huge American Football Player/Physics teacher named Diego. But he's pretty cool so I let it slide. It didn't cost much to enter and it would be a great place to do a photo shoot.

Finally, the Christ the Redeemer statue. This was pretty epic. It was a hassle to get to. It took a long time. There were people everywhere. You could barely walk around. There was a hike involved. But, it was all worth it. The view was one of the best I've seen in Rio and being in the presence of the thing that stared down on me the entire time I was in the city was amazing. Go. It's not something you should miss. 

I did miss the sugar loaf (even though I was at it's base about 3 times for some parties), and I didn't get to eat Feijoada, but I'll be back. I need to get a tattoo and eat more Acai!

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