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12 martial arts
12 months

Bahzad: Denim Samurai


Naked and Famous Jeans! Bahzad Trinos is an old friend (since grade 2 or 3!) of mine who has managed to make his passion into his job. He gets to travel around the world and share his denim love with everyone. They have done so well that even high profile people like Justin Bieber wear their jeans. 

If there is anyone I know who has definitely travelled more than me, it's this man. If there is anyone who's job I am slightly jealous of, it's also this man. 

But more importantly, I'm jealous at how kind B is. IF you're his friend he really has your back and takes care of you. You should buy his jeans so they too could support you and keep you warm... ha...

If you want to see someone who has found a way to make a passion into a profession, watch this video. And you'll learn something about Denim too.
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00