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Getting over my FEAR was the big mission of LA. I had serious fears about money, life, health, safety, and love. In fact, I had a mini panic attack before the start of the trip. I couldn't breathe and my mind was screaming "What the hell are you doing with this?!"

Then when I landed, a lot of these fears melted away. I am much calmer now. Why? My friends in LA are way crazier than I am. Life is relative folks! When I say crazy I mean they do things I hesitate to do. They launch themselves down hills on skateboards. They Breathe fire. They do flips. They're cool. 

I think fears are keeping me from being cool. I am afraid to be cool. I fear coolness and all the perks that come with cool status. I embrace my inner nerd.

The weird thing about fear is that it's supposed to protect us. It's supposed to prevent us from getting harmed and killed.  But...  Are there really that many things to fear in today's world?  True, there are a lot of dangers, but statistically, how likely is it that a fear that you've had is saving you?  The fears I've had often have to do with girls, social situations (like dancing), money, trying something new, basically living.  Why is fear stopping me from living!?  What can happen if I talk to that girl?  What is wrong with looking foolish but having fun?  Fear, you are broken and need to evolve.  

Anyway, I got over it. Or at least, I am trying to overcome, and that's what matters right? Beastmode and Danni are great inspirations for facing fears because they live a life style I am far too scared to live. They live in Los Angeles and they are performers. They audition and wait for calls. Their pay checks are not guaranteed at periodic intervals. 

Hopefully, they've inspired me to be a little more... cool. Thanks guys.

oh and, I didn't add it in the video, but it's in the LA sampler. I eventually got on a skateboard and ... well... fell after trying to go a little faster. They laughed and told me "welcome." Once you've fallen and survived, you aren't as afraid anymore of falling. And it's true. It didn't really hurt that much. They also told me I was going slow enough that I could have just jumped off and ran with it. So that adds to the confidence.


FALL A BIT! You can get up :) LEVEL UP!

My Level Up
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00