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How to Hug a Tiger
Apr 22, 2013
Hi guys! Here's another animal video because... well... I love animals. First I had my "How to Hug a Panda" video and "Chengdu Pandas" video. This time I have the Tiger Kingdom. I first visited the Tiger Kingdom back in 2008. [...]
Rio de Janeiro: Sampler
Apr 04, 2013
This is a summary video of what I was up to in Rio de Janeiro. It was a crazy month of survival. Survival from thieves, parties, eviction, and the team at Carlson Gracie's BJJ in Copacabana. Honestly, that's all I could do: survive. There was [...]
Touring Rio
Apr 03, 2013
There is an endless amount of things you could do in Rio de Janeiro alone. They have the largest urban forest in the world, they have so many food options, they have some crazy tourist spots, and the beaches! But here are some links to the things I [...]
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