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Off to HOLI
Mar 24, 2013
I'm in a rush and can't type much! Trying to fit a leg workout in before I go off to India... while trying to finish some of my online English Essay work... while cleaning my home and uploading videos... and ... so anyone out there want to [...]
Sakura in Ueno
Mar 23, 2013
Kenna visited! Actually she comes to Tokyo EVERY WEEKEND for work. Now that's a commute. We caught up under some cherry blossoms and talked about old friends, old employers, and travel. It was a good time and made me think of the "TRAVELLER [...]
Day 100
Mar 22, 2013
I will write more when I get home from the park! *** Time Travel! *** Ok I'm back from the park. So, on my 100th day I bought my Ghibli Museum tickets! Finally! I've always wanted to go there since I knew about it's existence. I am [...]
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00