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My Japan Home
Mar 04, 2013
This is a small tour of my small home in Tokyo. It's in a really beautiful area called Nakameguro. For once, I chose this location, not because of a gym, but because it's right beside one of the most beautiful Sakura (cherry blossom) lined [...]
VLOG 11: Mario Saves the Day
Mar 04, 2013
I'm really happy I recorded this now before the story changes in my mind. In short, I caught a thief in Rio de Janeiro. It was a rush... and hilarious because I was dressed up like Mario for the bloco parties.    Just watch! :D 
A Walk Through Rocinha
Mar 03, 2013
On one of my first days in Rio, I took a walk through Rocinha (Pronounced with an "H" at the beginning, not "R"). It was a great little tour since it was guided by a local photographer from Rocinha. Unfortunately, he didn't [...]
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