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FOOD: Açaí the Superfood
Mar 02, 2013
Acai is a superfood. It has way more antioxidants than blueberries and it can help everything from skin health to better sex, apparently. You can read more about the claims health claims here. Whatever it benefit, I ate it because it was delicious [...]
GYM: Muscle Beach
Jan 27, 2013
How could I go to LA and not visit the world famous Muscle Beach. I needed to push the same metal as the Terminator himself. Now, technically, this is the "NEW" muscle beach... Gone are the days of the work out area reminiscent of a [...]
FOOD: Boiling Crab
Jan 26, 2013
Food is a big part of travel. I believe it is as important to a culture to the language and the music. I want to record a bunch of different foods in the world and what an amazing place to start: LA. Los Angeles has so much amazing food it blows my [...]
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