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Food: Churrasco


Churrasco is grilled meat. Lots of different kids of meat. It's a damn meat overdose! A Churrascaria is where you get this meat. There are many different cuts and different types of restaurants but if there's anything I want to repeat from the video is figure out your favourite type of meat, and then request it! A lot! 

If it's a good cut of meat, they often bypass the foreigners thinking that we don't know what's good and bad. So if you see a family get served something often, but they walk right pass you, stop them. 

This was the first meal I had in Brazil where I finally thought, "Okay, now there's something tasty and worth coming back for." Before this meal, I was literally food depressed. Things I had were too bland for my tastes. I like overly spicy, sweet, and salty things. I'm Korean. After this however I found a lot of options and started to cook less at home.

Thank god for meat! ...for now. I wish I could be a vegetarian... Honestly. But I'm totally addicted to it. 
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Dec 12 2012 00:00:00