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GYM: Muscle Beach


How could I go to LA and not visit the world famous Muscle Beach. I needed to push the same metal as the Terminator himself. Now, technically, this is the "NEW" muscle beach... Gone are the days of the work out area reminiscent of a prison. They currently have a large selection of workout gear provided by bodybuilding.com


I showed up in the day time, around 2pm when there were very few people so I could train without waiting around too much. I also took my new, good friend Anthony so we could get back on the work out rush. I hadn't pushed weights in forever, since more than a month before the start of my trip. I just had too much going on, so I did a general total body workout with low weights to just get a good sweat on. 

I signed in at the info desk, a small building beside the gym. The drop in day session only cost $10. My tshirt on the other hand cost $20. I'm such a tourist at gyms! Then proceeded to do squats, deads, cleans, bench, dips, pull ups, curls and rings. It was a good day! It's definitely not a pretty gym though. I had a lot of rust on me when the day was done. 


Another thing I noticed was the SIZE of the men working out there. Not like that... I mean BOOBS. I've never seen such huge pecs on a man in real life. And, some would pose after each set like they were in a competition. Others looked like they used to be pro wrestlers on WWE. Don't be intimidated though; there were an equal number of skinny folk like me. 

All in all, it was a fun experience and I had a good laugh at Anthony's inability to walk properly after. 

Check out their official page HERE

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00