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Chiang Mai
Martial Arts: None
Missions: Hug Tigers
Dates: Completed
Apr 29, 2013
This is Songkran. The Thai New Year. The BIGGEST damn water fight in the world. And, the best place to celebrate Songkran is Chiang Mai. Why? Because there is a huge central river that goes around the walled city like a moat. Because the celebration [...]
Tiger Volunteer Says No Drugs
Apr 23, 2013
  This is a bonus video for all those people who think the tigers are being mistreated in the Tiger Kingdom. I am not 100% sure the tigers are not drugged, but I am pretty sure they aren't. I've been there twice and both times I looked [...]
How to Hug a Tiger
Apr 22, 2013
Hi guys! Here's another animal video because... well... I love animals. First I had my "How to Hug a Panda" video and "Chengdu Pandas" video. This time I have the Tiger Kingdom. I first visited the Tiger Kingdom back in 2008. [...]
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