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Los Angeles
Martial Arts: Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts
Gym: Wildcard Gym, Unknown
Missions: Zombie Run, Stalk Freddie Wong
Dates: Dec 12-Jan 12, 2012-2013
Sand at the End of the World
Jan 27, 2013
What were you doing on the day the world ended? Or... didn't end. Dec 21st 2012, just like Y2K was a wonderful excuse to do stupid things and market a bunch of sales. Personally, I love apocalypse days. It's a fun excuse to do something you [...]
GYM: Muscle Beach
Jan 27, 2013
How could I go to LA and not visit the world famous Muscle Beach. I needed to push the same metal as the Terminator himself. Now, technically, this is the "NEW" muscle beach... Gone are the days of the work out area reminiscent of a [...]
Coco the Cat Dog
Jan 26, 2013
Coco IS the cat dog. Coco has blown my mind and made me believe that I could have a well trained cat one day! T^T One of my favourite things about travelling is expanding my mind and experiencing things that rock the very foundation of what I [...]
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