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Rio de Janeiro: Sampler
Apr 04, 2013
This is a summary video of what I was up to in Rio de Janeiro. It was a crazy month of survival. Survival from thieves, parties, eviction, and the team at Carlson Gracie's BJJ in Copacabana. Honestly, that's all I could do: survive. There was [...]
A Walk Through Rocinha
Mar 03, 2013
On one of my first days in Rio, I took a walk through Rocinha (Pronounced with an "H" at the beginning, not "R"). It was a great little tour since it was guided by a local photographer from Rocinha. Unfortunately, he didn't [...]
Sambadrome in Rio
Mar 02, 2013
Blocos are like foreplay.... Sambadrome is like baby making. This is the craziest parade competition celebration wtf in the world. The floats are so intricate and the dancing amazing. This is something I will tell you you SHOULD spend [...]
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