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Bloco Parties in Rio
Mar 02, 2013
For the locals, the party in Rio is the party happening all over Rio: the bloco parties. Blocos are street parties which are often themed. Expect music, dancing, costumes, alcoholic freezes, crowds, drinks, and a damn good time. Plus, they're [...]
Jan 21, 2013
This is a quick summary video of what I was up to in LA. I don't have much footage of me actually boxing because filming wasn't allowed at WILDCARD, but I had an amazing time there. Freddie Roach is a boss. His gym is old school. It is a [...]
Trial By Fire
Dec 20, 2012
It's only been a couple days in LA and I've met some serious Pyros. Fire! Perfect! Fire is a beautiful and perfect lesson about fear. If you're afraid. You can't touch it. You can't enjoy it. But once you get over it, you [...]
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00