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Cosplay: Oppa Stop Motion Style
Nov 26, 2012
Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the creative cosplayers of Cosmeko. I promptly locked them in my basement with my camera (& food). After about 10 hours of hard work, amazing costumes, and cheesecake, this is what we made. The [...]
Virgin Marathon
Oct 21, 2012
This was my first marathon. It hurt. A lot. I was dumb. I will write more when I get back to Toronto :) Right now! I'm in LA and I love it here! But seriously. I should have trained more hahaha. Enjoy!
Oct 13, 2012
Mission 7! This is a mission recap and my mission 7 declaration. I'm both excited and afraid of this mission as I attempt to run 7 marathons on each of the 7 continents. In truth, I'm not really a marathon runner. I hate running in many ways. [...]
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00