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I RUN NYC: Stop Motion Tourism
Oct 02, 2012
I ran around NYC with my camera and did a stop motion tour for y'all. I intend to do one of these in every main stop I go to on my trip. Hell, if I have time, I'll do it on minor cities too. By the way, I was inspired by the Her Morning [...]
Zombie Run Toronto
Sep 24, 2012
RunForYourLives came to Toronto (well.... 1.5 hour drive north of Toronto) for a good ol' fashioned Zombie, flag football, mud run on September 22, 2012. Run for Your Lives organizes mud runs around North America for people who enjoy something a [...]
Bloodsport 2 Splits
Sep 18, 2012
Did anyone actually watch Bloodsport 2? This is a mission update. The Bloodsport Splits mission is NOT going very well at all. I can't accurately measure my progress with the tape measure and I need something/someone to push me the reset of the [...]
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00