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Bloco Parties in Rio


For the locals, the party in Rio is the party happening all over Rio: the bloco parties. Blocos are street parties which are often themed. Expect music, dancing, costumes, alcoholic freezes, crowds, drinks, and a damn good time. Plus, they're free!

Just so you know, these parties start around 6am and go well into the night. On top of that, they are everywhere. There are Beetles Blocos, Mario Blocos, Michael Jackson Blocos. There are so many blocos all over the city that there are apps designed to keep track of the more than 650 blocos in RIO ALONE! 

The partying seriously broke me. My training suffered for a week after this. Then I got food poisoned. I'm guessing because my system was so out of whack. (I've been to Thailand many times and never had any problems before.)

If you go to Rio for Carnival, make sure you plan out the blocos you want to hit up. They start well before the actual holiday and continue for a while after. Also, get a costume! I'll post a video later about where to go if you want to grab your gear in Brazil.

Things to know:
I saw lots of DSLRs. Many 1Ds and 5Ds. It's safe. Just don't be dumb and be more cautious at night. 
I saw a few kids and families.
If you're a girl, people will probably try to kiss you from time to time.
Learn how to samba. Learn some of their chants too if you want to have some fun
The blocos I attended were safe and positive experiences. I didn't even really get shoved. 
Start at 6am! That's when the people who are really committed to partying start! You'll see more costumes. It'll be super safe. 
Dress up

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00