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Cosplay: Oppa Stop Motion Style


Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the creative cosplayers of Cosmeko. I promptly locked them in my basement with my camera (& food). After about 10 hours of hard work, amazing costumes, and cheesecake, this is what we made. The best thing about shoots like this is that everyone is nice and everyone is willing to put in the effort required to make something magical. Plus, they were cute and acted like anime characters. 

This falls under the mission category of my website because to me, talking with women has always been a mission. And... I hope to do some kind of photography session in every country I land in.  I intend to hone my skills of talking to girls to the point where I may one day actually have a conversation with a member of the opposite sex that doesn't end in failed awkward conversations about Internet memes. I also hope to keep improving my photography skills. I find that people get better at a skill until they're satisfied. Then they just kind of stay at that level, or stagnate. So... like... Level up right? 

I'm happy this was the last big shoot I'll probably be doing in Canada for a while. I'm fairly pleased with the results. Not everything went as I wanted but it was definitely a learning experience. I have so many more ideas for next time. I hope they'll do it again when I get back.

Things I learnt on this shoot:

1) I am too old for these girls
2) Holy Crap. Some costumes take two HOURS to get into
3) Cosplaying is expensive like photography
4) Focusing is hard when you're trying to catch movement. People move around and you want to get quick photos so you stay on manual, but you run the risk of being off a bit. 
5) Flashes cry at the sound of stop motion.
6) I am too old for these girls. 
7) White balance gets tricky when batteries start to die. 
8) Always remember Murphy's Law!

Please check out their facebook, website, and youtube channel. :) You can also check out the girls' individual facebook pages here, here, here, here and here. Why didn't I list their names? Would it make a difference? It's a surprise! Click on them all! 

Also, special thanks to Ray Lum and my brother who helped me throughout the day.

***I'll add more to the gallery soon. It will be full of derp moments***

ps. can anyone name all the costumes?! I'll give you 4000 points.

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00