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Fight the Clock


I feel like I'm getting old already, so before I go on this world Martial Arts Trip I want to fight that feeling. 
Mission One is to beat my 18 year old self's record for running up the CN tower: 15:41. (Bonus: 13:03)

I've run up the CN tower a few times now and it has always been a similar experience. It starts off with a cold, "I'm hungry but it's way too early to eat" morning. I'm half asleep because I'm not a morning person and I dislike coffee. To add to my list of excuses, The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) event starts around 6am and the subway isn't running so I have to drive or get a ride. When I DO get there I am welcomed by long queues for registration and bag check. [you cannot carry ANYTHING on the stairs] After all that I have to walk a loooooooooong distance to actually get to the CN Tower and a lot of that is outdoors. Unfortunately, it is often raining and cold enough to make my chest quite nippley. 

I do it for the Pandas.

In a way though, the cold does it for me. By the time I get to the tower I'm awake. The fact that the CN Tower Climb is filled with a ridiculous amount of attractive animal lovers dressed in skin tight clothing doesn't hurt either. If you try to strike up conversation, many will actually stop and talk to you because it's a charity event and that makes you seem like a good person.

I do it for the Polar Bears.

Then the suffering starts. Running up a cramped stairwell with sweaty people isn't the best thing in the world. It's okay for about 15 flights.... then the pain starts to set in. Only 130ish more to go! Around the middle I usually think, "what the hell am I doing this for again?" By the end, I often taste blood because I kill myself on the last few flights. 

I do it for the Tuna Fish... that's right. Tuna.

At the end I enjoy a nice sit on the glass floor and walk outside for a minute taking in some cool nice air. Then I go home thinking, "I could have done better than that." Moron..!

I know what I'm walking in to, but I've never had a specific time goal. I really hope I beat myself. rawr.

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Dec 12 2012 00:00:00