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I RUN NYC: Stop Motion Tourism


I ran around NYC with my camera and did a stop motion tour for y'all. I intend to do one of these in every main stop I go to on my trip. Hell, if I have time, I'll do it on minor cities too. By the way, I was inspired by the Her Morning Elegance Video. So amazing!  I hope to give a feel like you're coming along with me! This really is like my first time in NYC. Everything from Times Square to missing the Statue of Liberty because the ferry tickets sell out early. (fyi, show up early if you want to go to the Statue) There are other ways to get there, but I didn't really care enough to pay. I'd rather eat well. New York is all about the AMAZING food for me.... Crazy 20% tip though. I miss Asia... No tips...

What a first stop motion tour experience this was! A lot of people were staring at me and people often thought I was taking pictures of them. It was a ridiculous amount of work to do on my own and if it weren't for my tripod I wouldn't have been able to do half the shots. I'm not exactly 100% happy with the result, but it was definitely fun. I had random people asking me what I was doing (reminder: make buiz cards) and cops asking to see what was on my camera. The tripod got me kicked out of two locations: World Trade Center Area and Grand Central Station. And, people gave me the, "Oh, look, another asian with a camera" frequently. 

You have to develop a think skin if you want to get the photos you want. You have to be willing to be hated (people yelling at me on Brooklyn Bridge to get out of their way). You have to be willing to talk to authority (cops and security guards telling what I can and can't do). You have to be willing to tell people to move (I got a cop to help me in front of the Bull). And, most importantly you have to be okay with feeling awkward. It was hella embarrassing doing the Gangnam Style Dance in times square. Set up shot. Press Timer. Pose. Repeat. Jump shots were equally embarrassing because I kept missing it. Note to Phil: Buy a remote.

I wish I had a few days to shoot this.  I really wanted to get in some restaurants and Central Park, but I didn't have time this time around. I was only in NYC for a little more than 60 hours for a wedding photo job. I literally used all of my one free day in the city to shoot this. And, to make things more complicated, I partially tore my hamstring a couple days earlier so walking was rough. As I type this, I am sick to the point that most of the holes on my head are leaking something disgusting. I'm pretty sure I worked myself too hard this weekend :P But wow... Do I love pushing myself when I feel like I made something I can share.

Like, share, comment and give me feedback! I think I'm going to take MORE photos on the next video to give more of a smooth feel. I already started my hometown: Toronto!
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00