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Mission 7! This is a mission recap and my mission 7 declaration. I'm both excited and afraid of this mission as I attempt to run 7 marathons on each of the 7 continents. In truth, I'm not really a marathon runner. I hate running in many ways. It's boring and it hurts my already battered knees, but that's also why I like them. To me, marathons and long distance running is 90% mental. It's about not giving up and pushing past your limits. Unlike a lot of people, I can't actually run well with music. I can't zone out and listen to something. I have to be present in my pain and pace to keep going. Or I'll just shut down.

This mission, like the trip, has been a long time coming. I thought this up in 2008 and was featured in the NIKE Human Race book saying I was following my dreams of running around the world and doing martial arts (this trip), but for various reasons I never really did it as big as I wanted.

Now is the time.

For my first Marathon of the seven I chose the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon since it is known as one of the worlds easier marathons. It's pretty much completely flat! The problem is, I tore my hamstring two weeks ago and had a cold for that time as well. Last minute training went to hell!

I also have a little fear of this run since.... I FAILED IT in university. I showed up 30 minutes late and had a bleeding knee from the night before. At around 27km I was bleeding too much and had to stop.

So, Round 2. Fight!

As I type this, I have about nine hours before the start of the run. I'm a little nervous so I decided to do something I read a long time ago. I'm going to try to hack this marathon. Andrew Gertig wrote an article about how to run a marathon cold. With no training. In fact, one of the gentlemen who ran this Marathon Hack had never before ran more than a mile. One finished in 4 hours 28 minutes and the other in 5 hours and 30 minutes. Pretty impressive!

Also, it helps that I'm going for completion and not a super fast time. I would be very happy with a sub 4 hour 20 minute time though as this would qualify me for the next run in Australia. It's so brutal you need to qualify...

So there it is! My epic mission 7. The 7 Continents Club! By the way, to join the club you have to go to their website and pay a one time fee of $200. There is also a medal upon completion. More clubs for me! 
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00