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Spartan Trilogy


Last Year I did the Spartan Sprint. This year I'm going for three. The Spartan Sprint (5-7km), The Super Spartan (12km), The Spartan Beast (20-25km)! All in one month! AROOOOO!

The Spartan Race Series is a set of mud races with obstacles, a phenomenon that is doing quite well in North America these days. It's how many of us would imagine an obstacle course in the army.  

We pay money to, once again, punish ourselves. Common obstacles include crawling (or rolling) under barbed wire, climbing walls, climbing ropes, carrying heavy stuff, running up hills, moving through mud, throwing things and balancing on planks. There are also muscley half naked men who hit you with sticks and attractive less naked women giving you medals. I'll report back after I survive all of these to tell you what I think about each race and the trials in them.

Join me in Montreal and Ottawa! www.spartanrace.com!...... !!!!!

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00