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The Century Club


Mission 4 is to join the Traveler's Century Club. Hitting up 100 countries! This is a long term goal which will probably take me forever to do. I'm currently at 43 on their list of 321 places to visit. (there are really around 196 countries in the world) 

I generally hate lists like these because I honestly think you can keep going back to the same place and it can be a totally different trip each time. 

That's why I'm only at 43 countries after a 6 years of travel. To be honest, I got most of those countries in the first year. My first Eurotrip landed me 14 countries right off the bat. I just never felt the need to go to new places. Still, I'd like to do this because it's another goal to accomplish and it does actually motivate me to try new places. 

Before you hate on the list, the Century Club has a weird classification of countries so places like Hawaii count as a country on its own.

Current Total: 43


1 Australia
2 Austria
3 Bahamas
4 Bali
5 Belgium
6 Cambodia
7 Canada
8 China
9 Costa Rica
10 Czech Republic
11 Dominican Republic
12 Egypt
13 England
14 France
15 Germany 
16 Greece
17 Haiti
18 Hawaiian Islands
19 Hong Kong
20 Hungry
21 Indonesia
22 Italy
23 Japan
24 Jeju Islands
25 Korea, North
26 Korea, South
27 Luxembourg
28 Macau
29 Malaysia
30 Monaco
31 Netherlands
32 New Zealand
33 Philippines
34 Scotland
35 Singapore
36 Spain
37 Switzerland
38 Taiwan
39 Thailand
40 Turkey (Asia)
41 Turkey (Europe)
42 United States
43 Vatican City

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