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WWF CN TOWER DONE! My time was 14:44. I did not beat the 13:03 minute polar bear goal but I destroyed 18 yr old Phil 15:41 goal. I feel younger already and expect to be carded in the near future.

Quick Tips and Tricks

1) Arrive early! Get there before there are too many people on the stairs. Also, as the day goes on, the condensation from all the breath and sweat makes the rails slippery.... ew.

2) Don't bring ANYTHING. No cell phones even! Nothing in your pockets. No water bottles too! If you think you can sneak it in they have metal detectors and will make you turn around and coat check it. The walking takes foreverrr and it's cold. AND you lost valuable time for tip 1.

3) Don't stop. I find that stopping in previous years adds on crazy amounts of time. Just push through it.

4) you will have a card to punch to start/stop the timing. Have a pocket or somewhere safe to put it so you don't have to carry it in your hands. Then you could grab the rails and pull yourself up or put your hands on your knees and push. Get the card ready before you reach the end as well. (about when you see the number 147 on the wall. They keep track of which flight you're on. I'd speed up and get ready around 130)

5) Train by climbing stairs! DUH. Stair climbing machines aren't the best, but if that's all you have, it's better than a treadmill. I also did air squats for sets of 300+ and plyometrics. Try to mix it up.

6) Doubles! I don't know anyone with a good time who did single stairs. Doubles = skip stairs.

7) Go to the registration line up near the subway, not the CN tower, if you show up early. The subway will be closed at that time so there will be less people coming in from that direction.

8) Don't be afraid to be a little impolite. People will move if you look serious and scary and you're puffing like a maniac! If they still don't move, ask them. If they still don't move, you have a chance to pass people at the end of every flight of stairs. If they STILL don't move gently push by! Try not to burn out. If you're really serious about getting a good time, people generally get out of your way. It's Canada. We're polite. Also, to them, you're scary.

9) Try to climb with a fit friend. Not many things push me more than competition. In lieu of this, pick random people who seem to be keeping up with you. You may start entering a routine where they pass you, then you pass them, repeat.. until one of you gives up. Just don't exhaust yourself. My best "young" time was because someone from my High School was beating me and I totally didn't expect it. So I tried to correct this oddity by speeding the hell up. He still beat me..

10) Have fun! If you're not concerned with your time and you're just doing this for fun, you're the majority. Remember that there are paramedics every few floors and you'll be fine. Take breaks if you'd like and it's better to walk with a friend. Do single stairs and you'll be done before you know it.  I had a few friends walk the whole way and it took them about 30 minutes. If you're with a friend please walk in front of each other, not beside as it blocks crazies like me. :)

11) The single best reason to go early and finish early is that the elevator lineups to get down are RIDICULOUS! If you go mid day expect line ups of 30 minutes or more to get down.

12) Expect to climb about 10 more flights of stairs after you clock in. It's a slap in the face if you gave it your all, but just take your time and take it like a man.

13) Do it for the Polar Bears and Pandas! GOOD LUCK

*** note: the world record is 7:52 in 1989 by Brendan Kennoy, a police officer.
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