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This is where it all BEGINS! Click the video and join me on my journey around the world: 12 Countries, 12 Months, 12 Martial Arts. Side Quests along the way. 

The trip starts on December 12, 2012 so it's all about preparation until then. It's about time I moved on from my travelling lifestyle so this trip will be the last BIG one of my young life. It's my graduation. You're invited.

How to use this site!

1) The menu is on the left side of the screen
  • New Game = The basics of the site and the first video
  • Continue = Chronological list of all the videos
  • Missions = Travel, challenges and adventures
  • Characters = Interviews with inspirational people
  • Status = My regular Vlog
  • Skills = Things I learn along the way
  • Items = Product reviews, interesting things and FOOD
  • Map = Places I'm going. Places I've been
  • Bonus = Extra fun material from all over

2) The Clock to the left is a count down to my departure day. After that, it will be counting up

3) Click on the My Level Up banner at top to return to main page at any time

4) There are pictures next to some of the videos. Click on them for the gallery

5) You can like, comment and share videos. Log in with Facebook for best results.

6) The map has links to gyms, quests and side quests! It also organizes videos according to the city. Have fun. 

I'll add more as I go! 

Enjoy My Level Up!


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