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Dance Dance Revolution
Mar 06, 2013
I tried to learn how to dance! I am not HORRIBLE at dancing by myself, but I suck when it comes to dancing with a partner. This cannot continue since I strive to become more like one of my heroes: Bruce Lee. (He was the "Cha Cha" champion [...]
Advice on Brazil from Harry
Mar 03, 2013
Travel Advice is going under the skills section, because frankly, travelling is a skill dammit!  Harry is one of the closest friends I made during my stint in Brazil. He's a good, smart guy. More than all that, he saved me when I was [...]
Mar 02, 2013
Not much to say here. It's pretty much all in the video. If you're with Aeroplan you know that the price of our rewards tickets are pretty high! We have to pay fuel surcharges and other taxes... Other rewards programs, like United Mileage [...]
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00