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Tandem Mario Hang Gliding
Feb 21, 2013
I will separate this flight experience into sections: How did it feel; Concerns; and, How do you do it (Price). THE FEELS: Tandem hang gliding was nothing like I imagined. Well... Not nothing, but to be honest it didn't have any thrill. It [...]
Keep Calm and Pay Up
Feb 04, 2013
Keep Calm and Pay Up! It's a motto of mine while travelling. It's happened so many times: Missed trains; Missed flights; Hotel errors; Medical Emergencies; Lost Articles; and, Being Robbed. Keep Calm and Pay up. The thing about travel is [...]
Copacabana Run
Feb 03, 2013
On February 2nd, I stayed up all night and watched the sun come up. I ran along the beach and experienced one of the most amazing runs of my life. It really reminded me of why I run and why I'm doing what I do. For those who are not runners... [...]
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