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Dance Dance Revolution


I tried to learn how to dance! I am not HORRIBLE at dancing by myself, but I suck when it comes to dancing with a partner. This cannot continue since I strive to become more like one of my heroes: Bruce Lee. (He was the "Cha Cha" champion of Hong Kong. No Joke) 

So, with a couple days before Carnival, I met up with Nicole and Rafael at a dance studio where I got lessons on the Forró: a north eastern Brazilian dance. It's tough because I kept hearing RELAXXXXXX. RELAX! I am a (in)tense dude. Not being able to relax is one of my biggest problems. I gas in BJJ and striking for this very reason. I'm really hoping Jiujitsu gets rid of this problem, because if you're tense in Jiujitsu, you're getting your ass kicked. 

So with an hour session, I progressed from stiff awkward non dancer to a passable awkward forced to dance monkey. I am pleased with the results and I got to use the moves a bit later in LA! Level Up!


My Level Up
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00