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Keep Calm and Pay Up


Keep Calm and Pay Up! It's a motto of mine while travelling. It's happened so many times: Missed trains; Missed flights; Hotel errors; Medical Emergencies; Lost Articles; and, Being Robbed. Keep Calm and Pay up. The thing about travel is this, if you don't prepare or if something goes wrong, things can still generally work out fine if you're just willing to pay. 


This time I lost my keys at 4am in a country where I cannot speak more than ten words. Smells like adventure!


The thing is, your experience depends on your mindset. You could either think you're the victim and you're having a horrible time, or you can choose to believe you're on an adventure. So live it up! 


Check out the video to see how I took the situation. It was pretty fun.

My Level Up
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00