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Sand at the End of the World


What were you doing on the day the world ended? Or... didn't end. Dec 21st 2012, just like Y2K was a wonderful excuse to do stupid things and market a bunch of sales. Personally, I love apocalypse days. It's a fun excuse to do something you normally wouldn't do. This apocalypse, I decided to wake up around 4 am. Something I would normally never do! All this, for sand art. 

To walk me through this wonderful experience was Andreas Markus Hoenigschmid of Santa Monica Beach Art. I really wish I got to interview Andreas fully. He is a truly enlightened individual. I feel like I could learn a lot from him. He has lived quite a bit. Traveled. Loved. ... I must go back.


The video is really long and basically says everything I need to say. If there's a beach in your area, I recommend giving it a try. Start with something simple! The reasons we do it at sunrise is that the low sun gives high contrast and you can see all the details in the sand. 

If you're interested in the process, we used rakes attached to wooden planks, the designs were planned out before we started, and it's worth it. Just do it! I'm sure if you have questions you can join the Facebook Group and ask!

I feel more at peace just thinking about the experience. hahhaha. What a good time with new friends...

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00