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VLOG 11: Mario Saves the Day
Mar 04, 2013
I'm really happy I recorded this now before the story changes in my mind. In short, I caught a thief in Rio de Janeiro. It was a rush... and hilarious because I was dressed up like Mario for the bloco parties.    Just watch! :D 
Moar Party
Feb 05, 2013
One thing is for sure: Brazilians know how to party. I am finding my body not being able to keep up with this country! I am losing focus on my training and I am drinking more alcohol than I'm used to. These are fun loving people! No wonder the [...]
Dear Diary
Feb 02, 2013
Dear Diary,   On these quick updates. Im not going to write much. just watch! This is the first of a series of many daily logs. I will not post daily, because that will take forever, but I'll definitely record myself almost every day. I [...]
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