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A Zombie in Washington


In May I went to Washington D.C. the watch Chan Sung Jung "The Korean Zombie" fight Dustin Poirier. I've been training at Korean Top Team off and on since 2008, whenever I was in Korea. Slowly over the years I got to know the coach, Mr. Ha and with him the rest of the pro fighters. I am not even close to as good as any of them, but they slowly started to accept me after seeing me come day after day for a few years. When they told me that they were going to be in the area (D.C. isn't that far from Toronto) I bought the flight and flew on down! 

I only had two and a half days in the city, so I decided to make the most of it! I got in touch with a friend to do a Chun Li type photoshoot and another friend to have a place to crash. Yes, I couch surf. It's one of the reasons I was able to travel so long. I do NOT come from money! It's also a great way to make sure you spend time with people when you're visiting for short periods. Then I set up some training time at Team Maryland BJJ with a friend from Korea Top Team.... but I never got to go... Too Busy! And of course, I got my tickets to UFC on Fuel 3! 

On the way there I was supposed to fly into Baltimore (BWI), which is one of THREE airports surrounding Washington D.C. but the flight was full so I gave up my seat to fly an earlier flight into Reagan National Airport (DCA) and United gave me a $300 USD flight voucher! And DCA was a better airport to fly into! They even gave me food vouchers for the airport! Winning. 

Upon arrival I hopped on the metro and met up with my friend Stephanie, unpacked, and got some food! The next day I booked a photo studio and took some photos with my model. The photos didn't come out as great as I wanted, but I'm not used to jumping into a situation and using new equipment. I only had an hour or two. Either way, it was fun and she's gorgeous so I hope we got some shots that people will enjoy! See the gallery for the rest of the photos and some photos of things around Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, the day ran long and I was exhausted so I didn't get to train that night. Sorry Sean. 

On my final day I tweeted to the masses that I had a free ticket to UFC, but no one could make it. Wasted ticket :( The fight night itself was amazing. It was in a really small venue (compared to the other events I've been to in Montreal and Toronto) so every seat seemed like a high roller seat. The view was great, other than the fact that every other comment I heard was a racial slur against anyone not white. A fun highlight of the night was witnessing a Cody McKenzie guillotine in person!  I saw him later that night in the hotel, but he was always on his own and on the phone with someone... for hours.

Anyway, the Zombie Poirier fight was amazing! If you haven't seen it yet please go find it! How it ended was one of my favourite finishes ever. Punches -> flying knee -> d'arce choke -> sleeping. It was crazy. Unfortunately Dongi "The Ox" Yang lost that night so it wasn't all happy. After the event I met up with the fighters in the back. Chan Sung was busy with interviews so we headed back to the hotel and started looking for alcohol because apparently stores cannot sell booze after 12 in Fairfax. 

I had a couple drinks with the fighters and headed to the airport so I could get back to Toronto for work. Problem was, I was a little drunk and I thought DCA was the airport code for Dulles airport, but Dulles is IAD. So I went to the wrong airport and had to pay for a cab to take me back to Reagan. So, learn from my mistake! If you're ever flying into and out of Washington D.C. make sure you don't mess up the airport! Drunk fail...

All in all, the Zombie Washington Weekend was a big success! I love small spontaneous trips like this.

Thanks again Steph, Nate, J.N., and the Korean Top Team!

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00