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Day 100


I will write more when I get home from the park!

*** Time Travel! ***

Ok I'm back from the park. So, on my 100th day I bought my Ghibli Museum tickets! Finally! I've always wanted to go there since I knew about it's existence. I am obsessed with Miyazaki's work. He's kind of a big deal. So many of his works left an impact on my life: Spirited Away, My Friend Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies, and MANY more. 

I tried getting there many times before, but it's often sold out a month in advance. Plus, it's hard to buy these tickets outside of Japan. (or they're over priced) I googled how to buy them, but for some reason it was much more complicated when I did it. 


The other thing I did was get my ass running again. It's been a while and I have 7 marathons to go! Brutal ones too! The Great Wall Marathon is fast approaching and that ones a 6-8hr stair climber. It was okay, but really boring. I ended up playing a "game." I did an "Awkward Stare" test. As I ran, I noticed that lots of people would look at me. I attributed this to the fact that I was parkouring everything I could see. And, by parkour I mean jumping. And, by jumping, I mean stepping over. 

I noticed girls looking at me and I wondered, "which ones are checking me out." So I devised a plan. If I starred into their eyes long enough, with a smile, they would either look away quickly, stare back, or give me a "come hither" look. To clarify, a "come hither" look has to maintain eye contact for over 3+ seconds. The gaze would be broken ONLY because I would run past them. It would also include a turn in the neck and some other kind of sign, like a smile back, licking lips, or the "up down" check out. I did not include simple stares. I also avoided starring at men and elderly women, because I would then be locked in the "let's fight" staredown. Old asian women are not to be messed with.


It turns out that about 5% of the women out there had come hither looks. The thing that interested me more was the fact that it did not seem to matter AT ALL if they were with an obvious boy friend. 15% pretended I didn't exist. 30% had the quick, shy, often cute look away. It made the two hours pass by pretty quickly. 


Day 100! Woot!

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