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Final Fantasy VII


This vlog is all about when I decided to better myself. I was in grade 7 and I was playing Final Fantasy 7 all day long. I heart Squresoft [now square enix]. This is when the idea of "leveling up" hit me. omg.... I'm a nerd. The thing is, I'm totally serious. Spending hours and hours on a video game really made me reflect on life and on how I was living it. 

I was wasting precious "real life" time where I could have been growing as a person. I was a serious loser who was waiting and praying for my life to change and get better, but I wasn't actively trying anything to change my situation. It was like the difference between trying to learn Japanese by watching anime (cartoons) and learning Japanese by studying it... and watching anime.... for reinforcement.... yeah....

I was living life but I wasn't really trying to do anything with it. As soon as I started to actively try, I actually started to understand. 

Level upppppp! ... nerd .... And this is why I think I'll end up forever alone. Unless I marry a gamer. I want an attractive gamer anime nerd who likes to travel and exercise........ foreverrrrr alonneeeee! T^T
My Level Up
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00