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Guns, Runs n Food Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving was definitely a celebration. I started things out with another two day trip to Washington D.C. It was actually the first time I had to rent a car from one airport (IAD) and drop it off at another (DCA). I implied that the rental guy was a racist when he said the only car he could offer me was a KIA Soul. We both had a good laugh... then I drove away with one ugly ass car. I think it was karma. I had previously told Vaughn, my good buddy, to NOT purchase that very same car. It had come back to haunt me.

After driving a few road kill infested hours to Mercersburg, PA to visit an old student of mine, I had so much pent up energy that I decided to do a little 3.5k jog with him. The two and a half hours of deer, cats, raccoons, skunks, rabbits, birds, dogs, and what I think was a porcupine, had me really bored. I was also nervous with my upcoming full marathon and the fact that I couldn't train properly with a torn hamstring and a cold. 

The 5k felt great to be honest. It was the first time since my sparring injury where I felt like I could actually move my legs. The problem was, my student is incredibly fit, so I wanted to try harder. Yes, I was injured and sick and I wanted to keep up with a high school aged athlete. Yes, I failed. But I logged the run and I'm enjoying running in different parts of the world. I love my Nike+ GPS watch. I feel the same joy when I run in a new city as I did when I got a new Pokemon. Gotta catch em all.

Next up was Reagan Airport. I dropped off the car and asked the rental guy if I could keep my bag in the car while I went for a quick run. I previously tried to see if I got reception in Pearson Airport (Toronto, YYZ) but I didn't have any luck. I decided to run on all three levels and see how much ground I could cover. It didn't work at first, but when I got outside it picked up the signal right away, and kept it for the most part. When I lost a satellite, the shoe pod took over. What I got out of it was this hilarious map over an airport! The first of many. And yes, people & security guards were starring. 

Next up I meet up with my friend Stephanie and her friends and we all went out for some dinner at H & PIzza, a wonderful pizza place on H street. I highly recommend their "Jenny" pizza. Delicious AND beautiful. Check out their menu. After that we went to Dangerously Delicious for dessert. I'm not a big dessert guy, but man these pies were good. If you're ever in D.C. go to H and 12ish for some good food!

The next day, we ate some more! Brunch was at Belga Cafe. Think a little pricey but amazing Belgian Waffles. I got the duck and it was a huge portion. Food definitely has a direct link to the happy part of my brain. Unfortunately, this would be my last "good" meal in Washington as I had to fly out later that day.

We then walked around a bit and split up. I decided to finally purchase some Nike+ shoes to test out the shoe pod properly and immediately ran a 10k around the monuments of Washington. I also tried out my new Lensee Stabilizer for my GoPro. It was a little weird at first, but it was no problem holding it for the whole run. I intend to run my more beautiful marathons using this set up. I find that the chesty mount, which I also own, is way too bumpy with video.

After the runs! I met up with friends again, saw the end of some football games and headed off to the airport. I then slept a couple hours and headed up to Parry Sound to shoot guns! I wont go into detail that much because well... watch the video... it's all in there! Parry Sound is beautiful and the leaves were changing. We shot 22s and 30s and it was fun to shot a variety of guns. 

Of course, what is Thanksgiving without the Turkey dinner? Vaughn and I headed to Kim's (Great friend, I will run the Great Wall Marathon with her) place for dinner with her family. It was an extra special treat since Kim doesn't live in Toronto anymore and was only back for a week or so. 

So, good friends, good runs, good food and GUNS. What a fun Thanksgiving. 
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