12 countries
12 martial arts
12 months

Landed in India


We failed at getting food btw. The front desk at our hotel told us that nothing was open. So I must force myself to sleep for two hours and then run into a restaurant. In all honesty, I am so hungry I am thinking of doing one of my "traveller tricks." 

When you need anything, and if you're willing to pay, go to a 5 star hotel. They would have food for me. You don't even need money. I have used 5 star hotels for airport transfers and places to sleep (you can find conference rooms etc.) back in my back packing days. All Free!... sometimes. 

I'm in a bad mood... I'm hangry. The flights were long and there were multiple kids who had ear problems.. And loud ass crying problems. Hangry sleep time. 
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Dec 12 2012 00:00:00