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My Video Game Life


This is my first vlog!

I'm going to have a series of vlogs on my thoughts and beliefs. I'm particularly interested in doing something like this because i want to see how I evolve over the course of preparing for this trip, going on this trip, and dealing with the aftermath of this trip.

I've had to sacrifice a lot to get this far and I don't see myself turning back. People often ask me questions like, how do you travel so often or how do you travel solo. I'll talk about my answers to these questions and about who I am. I look forward to hearing myself in years to come. I wonder if I'll think I'm ridiculous and stupid. Will I regret? 

I often see many autobiographies of people after they become "someone" but I rarely see similar literature written by someone as they are trying to be that person. This is my "in progress" biography :) Real, Uncut... Well... Kind of cut.. using iMovie and multiple takes. But real! I'm not saying that I will become someone great. I'm just saying I am on the path of becoming someone different. I am dropping what I know, the jobs I have, the comfort I've gained, and I'm trying something new and scary. There is a high chance of failure and ending up bankrupt. But there's the excitement and fun in it. Life doesn't have a strategy guide. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result! Success or Failure!

Dream! Actualize! MEEEEEE

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My Level Up
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