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Off to HOLI


I'm in a rush and can't type much! Trying to fit a leg workout in before I go off to India... while trying to finish some of my online English Essay work... while cleaning my home and uploading videos... and ... so anyone out there want to travel with me and be my assistant? I'll love you long time. 

I'm afraid of missing my flight too! Because Narita is so far from the city and the trains are not frequent enough. My friends missed their flight in 2008 when they visited me. Horrible experience. 

Final thoughts: I will be taking Salsa Lessons at the bar Dan works in (owned by Maiko's dad... who is the coolest grand dad ever. He used to be chairman of Pancrase!)

Videos later. Run run run time! :D

My Level Up
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00