12 countries
12 martial arts
12 months

Sakura in Ueno


Kenna visited! Actually she comes to Tokyo EVERY WEEKEND for work. Now that's a commute. We caught up under some cherry blossoms and talked about old friends, old employers, and travel. It was a good time and made me think of the "TRAVELLER EVOLUTION."


In the beginning I think almost everyone goes through the "I want to see everything phase." They travel quick on rail passes and see as many museums, galleries, churches, and temples as possible. I think it's great, but I'll never go back to this type of travel unless my purpose was breaking some world record. 

Next, comes the traveller with purpose. I know a lot of bboys who travel for dance. I know people who travel for food. I know people who travel for wine. Hell, I travel for adventures and martial arts. This is the traveller on a mission. It's like you had your first trip around the buffet and know what you like. 

Finally comes the lifestyle travellers. They settle in. They're not in a rush. They learn the customs and a few words. They let the culture sink into them with changing seasons. I feel like this has been the most rewarding type of travel for me. Unfortunately, it takes the most commitment and it's not easy. 

Anyway, all three levels have been an amazing education in life. If you can travel, and you haven't yet, GO!

Dec 12 2012 00:00:00