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Vlog 5: Hollywood Start


Hi guys, this is my first "on trip" vlog! I left on 12/12/12 and it's been a crazy blast. 

The problem is I'm also freaking out. This is the first time I'm actually scared of travel. Why? This is the first time I'm going into considerable debt with no light at the end of the tunnel. Basically, I'm jumping down the rabbit hole and seeing how far it takes me. I'm excited.

I actually did want to quit, but like it says in The Alchemist, the universe was conspiring to help me. In two days I've met and got to know Freddie Roach, I got a ride with a boxer who competed in the1988 Olympics and (he was also an actor in Fast and the Furious 6), I signed up at a great BJJ gym, I'm hosting a great photographer and a guy who plays with fire. I am apparently going to be spitting fire soon. Videos to follow.

Now, quick on the landing to set up. It's very important to do this efficiently as soon as I land in each country. I need to get my house, my food, my communication, and my transportation. 

I landed. Check into my new home for the next month. (Found on Airbnb!) Got a SIM card for my phone. Found out that it included data. Had my old data phone unlocked. I called a local store but it was $45! So I went to youtube and they taught me how to do it for cheaper :P I now have a data phone for the world. So .... Like I can tweet and stuff... 

SIM cards are getting pretty cheap these days! Unlimited data/text/voice is $2 a day in the states. $50/month. And, they have other plans as well. 

Got my groceries, signed up at my gyms, set up a couple shoots set up, bought a metro pass, then watched the Victoria Secret Fashion show because I now have direct TV (came with the apartment). 

Hollywood is looking promising. I don't love the metro system and it's not super warm, but I couldn't ask for a better place to start this journey. 

I've punched so much I can't close my hands. I've rolled till I've lost lots of skin on my hands and feet. I love it. 

I hope to show you guys a flaming sho ryu ken soon :)

Thanks everyone for the support, especially on the Indiegogo. It really drives me forward. 



Dec 12 2012 00:00:00