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Vlog 6: Merry Xmas


Sorry for the late post. I've been busy with a house guest who has made my life hell. :) 

It's taken a while, but my life is starting to get back together. This trip... has taken a lot out of me. People tell me how lucky I am, and how I must be having fun, but it's not like that this time around.


I know I'm lucky, but this is a choice. A hard choice. I have lost a relationship... I have left my family. I quit my job and said bye to some very close students. I am going into debt. Like I said in this video. I miss you guys. What's worse is that I no longer belong to any groups or friend circles. I've been travelling for too long. This is the sacrifice I've made to travel and learn from the world. So while lucky, again, it's a choice.


Enough self pity and explaining myself! hahaha. It's time to level the #$@% up! Miss u guys!

My Level Up
Dec 12 2012 00:00:00