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Here it is! My first update from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! It has definitely been a roller coaster ride of a trip so far. LA was a bit of a challenge. Life really hurt then. I couldn't post as much as I wanted and my Fundraiser kind of died. 

This is the last video in which I will mention said fundraiser, as it is finishing in 3 days. But, I may make a video on my indiegogo experience later on. It has not been very positive to be honest :) We will see what the last few days have in store!


The past few days have been a flurry of posting videos, meeting friends, STILL getting settled in Rio after getting kicked out of my Airbnb home. (Airbnb had great customer service and gave me a quick full refund for my atypical experience.) 


Now, I can say that I'm finally settled. I know where to get my groceries and food. I know about a dozen Portuguese words and I know how to throw out my garbage. I am also in a habit of going to Carlson Gracie BJJ Copacabana now. FINALLY. And, it feels great. 


I have learnt a lot with this trip so far, and I know I will learn a lot more. What an experience it has been! 

For those who have donated! THANK YOU so much. I will never forget it. You have really touched my life. I hope to give something back :) <3

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Dec 12 2012 00:00:00